Punjabi Radio USA

Harvinder Singh Kang

Show(s): Ik khaas mulakaat

Hometown: Gurdaspur

Education: Bachelors in Electronics and comm.., GNDU. Masters in VLSI ckt design, SJSU

Interests/Hobbies: Travelling, Interacting with new people, Hiking and social work

Favorite Food: Veg Indian, Amritsari Kulcha

Life Mission: Life mission, To serve community.

Inspiration: Back in the day, before the Internet, our stories and wisdom of generations passed on via vaars and sakhis (traditional ballads). People did not have media and ideas traveled slowly. Now that we are connected, I believe it is the responsibility of every Punjabi who can read this to connect with his/her community, village, town and tell a story about its vibrant social/religious culture of his/her neighborhood. If we dig down, below the surface of unclean Punjab/India, there is a hibernating vibrant community and beautiful culture longing to be re-discovered and reclaimed.

Favorite Quote: “Chu Kaar Az Hamah Heelte Dar Guzasht|| Halaal Ast Burden Ba Shamsheer Dast” When all other methods fail, it is proper to hold the sword in hand.